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Science Is Essential

AI and technology will be essential for the achievement of global SDG projects.


Mangroves in the Caribbean and around the world help to preserve the surrounding eco-systems, providing the potential for blue carbon credits, better fishing and much more to preserve the environment.

Sustainable Development Goals


In 2015, 193 world leaders committed to achieving 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” related to the environmental, social and economic challenges facing our world.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of global goals and indicators, in effect since January 2016, defined by the United Nations to frame its policies over the next 15 years. They are implemented through the 2030 Agenda to transform the world.


The SDGs were conceived at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. They replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which in 2000 launched a global initiative to address the indignity of poverty.


Sustainable Development Goals

They constitute a bold commitment for addressing the most urgent problems facing the world today. The 17 objectives are interrelated, meaning that the success of one affects the others.

The SDGs are special in that they cover issues that affect all of humanity. They are ambitious because their goal is that no one is left behind. More importantly, they encourage us to create a safer, more sustainable and prosperous planet.


The focus of Quantumtime is the 9th SDG, which is Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.



After years in business developing innovations for governments and International banking, Quantumtime enters into the private sector and begins to focus on companies concentrating on humanitarian project innovation and infrastructure around the world.


Quantumtime is partnered with significant financial entities to house and manage the next generation of technologies and innovations, specific to AI, which can then be applied to the 16 other categories of the Sustainable Development Goals.


The future is now

Artificial Intel: AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the machine-displayed intelligence that simulates human behavior or thinking and can be trained to solve specific problems. AI is a combination of Machine Learning techniques and Deep Learning. AI models that are trained using vast volumes of data have the ability to make intelligent decisions.

Artificial intelligence isn't a new technology, but its impact is only starting to be felt, as businesses and individuals begin to understand the possibilities that AI can offer. AI is set to transform business like never before, creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs, business leaders and workers in every industry.

Quantum University and SDG Goals



Plan and build Quantum University and begin target initiatives and partnerships for AI developments.


Produce, procure and manufacture, using AI & other scientific breakthroughs, SDG products.




Enhance the lives of millions of humans around the world in need of initiatives such as Quantumtimes.

The future of IT technology is AI

Artificial Intelligence

Leaders are less concerned about using technology to increase profits, with 46% citing cost savings and 43% citing revenue generation as changes they are trying to achieve. Instead, 65% of leaders see it as an avenue to achieving higher quality work. Fifty percent of the leaders surveyed also believe technology will create more reliable work. Forty-nine percent even see it as

a way to increase employee satisfaction. Likewise, employees see technology positively – as a means to achieve more flexible and stimulating work.

Leaders and employees alike are driving the change for better technology in the workplace. Seventy-two percent of respondents say IT leadership is taking the lead, while 59% say business leadership is. Frontline employees are also taking a large part in the push for better technology, but only at some organizations, according to 35% of respondents.

From leaders to employees,

everyone wants better tech


Organizations are investing more in technology

Preparing for future crises now tops the agenda for governments and businesses.
Public health experts suggest the COVID-19 outbreak won’t be the last pandemic.


“Improving preparedness against any future or similar pandemics” is a “high priority” for their organizations.


Higher Education

Quantumtime partners are investing in the next evolution of education by building a one-of-a-kind university geared towards the sciences.

• Computer Science – Cloud and A.I. focused
• Medical and Health related Science
• Global Science – developing ways to reduce carbon emissions around the world
• Financial Science – developing the next generation of monetary systems
• Food System Science – developing sustainable nutritional enhanced foods to end global hunger



Educating the next generation of computer and wellness scientists to rival any college in the world.


Quantumtime’s Number One SDG Goal:

To become...

The Top AI University


SDG Qualifiers


Best Global

To be located in the most accessible part of the world that may accommodate the most amount of participants.

Full Service
City Center

The Quantum University campus will be its own city, complete with medical, industrial, commercial & housing.

Green and

The campus will utilize sustainable resources, green energy and overall be a carbon free zone, wherever possible.

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